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Blue Ridge Therapeutic Massage & Natural Body Care Center

November Special

Hot Stone Massage Is Perfect For The Holidays

  • Deliciously Relaxing
  • Soften Those Tense Areas
  • Soothing Smooth Stones
  • Heated To Perfection!
  • Finally Find Relief
  • Shake The Wintertime Blues
  • Excellent For Headaches
  • Treat All Your Body Aches
  • Try It Today!
Therapeutic Massage
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Spa Services
Spa Services
The Secret
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The Secret
To Looking Young!
4 Easy Steps To Reduce Stress
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Some of Our Featured Services
Important: How We Are Different
  • All appointments receive the full time of hands on (30, 60, 90, 120 minutes)
  • All of our Massage Therapists have been practicing for over 12 years
  • We do not try to upsell you. If you want a specialized type of massage we do not charge more
  • Deep Tissue... Included!
  • Reflexology... Included!
  • PreNatal... Included!
  • Aromatherapy... Included!
  • Energy Work... Included!
  • We take pride in using the amount of pressure that is right for you.
  • We encourage you to have a voice and speak up
  • No "Fluff and Buff"
Important: This is How We Are Different
Most Spas and Massage Service establishments 'kinda' Skimp, Pressure You or Mislead on the fulfillment side of The Massage Treatment...

Your 1 Hour Appointment is an hour of the room time,
not massge time... Look for the small asterisk on their
brochure (if the even put it there). Ask and pay attention to the clock... Typically you only get 40 to 50 minutes of hands on massage. (We even hear about less time than that.)

Newly licensed beginner Massage Therapists on staff.  Nothing against beginners as every Massage Therapist started out as a Newby.  That's natural.  But should you pay full price to have someone 'practicing' on you?

They continually try to 'Upsell' you for a foot treatment, hot towels, aromatherapy, deep tissue, etc.  And a monthly membership.  You just want a quality massage for the full time booked that you are paying for.  Won't it be nice if all of that was included ?

And there is more... Wouldn't it be nice if the pressure used was "Just Right"? Not so deep that it makes you tighten up and or squirm. Not so light that you could have felt better if your dog crawled on you... "Fluff and Buff" it's called in the industry. Steady, sensitive touch that is nurturing and effective in releasing the tight spots but doesn't make you feel like you were just beat up.

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